What Makes BWMOM Unique?

BWMOM is unique because we believe that the authority of the local New Testament church and the authority of the home take precedence over the role of the mission board. We exist to serve the missionary and the local church. We do not hinder the missionary from fulfilling his or her calling. We do not dictate personal convictions, and we do not micro manage mission support.

We do, however, expect moral, doctrinal and financial responsibility. If a missionary fails in any of these areas, the local church will be consulted first and foremost.

BWMOM is governed by seven board members who are presently all Pastors. Each board member rotates off every three years and their names are listed inside the cover of our magazine.

BWMOM serves the missionary in every way possible. We handle support checks, send receipts, give guidance concerning health insurance, retirement plans and raising support. If needed, we handle prayer letters. We strive to help families minister in their field of service.

We publish the Sh'ma Shofar, a quarterly magazine, distribute gospel literature and notify churches of a missionary's needs, as well as conduct and/or assist churches with mission conferences. Please do not hesitate to contact BWMOM for any further information.

The Aims of B.W.M.O.M.


Matthew 28:19, 20 In Doctrine and Practice


The field is the world...(Matthew 13:38) American Indians, Brazil, Canada, Liberia, Lithuania, Mexico, Middle East, Moldova, Mongolia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, and USA


Here am I, send me...(Isaiah 6:8) Bible Teachers Church Planters Pastors Support Personnel


...But I desire fruit...to your account...(Philippians 4:17) Church Planting Evangelism and Discipleship Literature Distribution Prisons Orphanages


Laborers together with God...(1 Corinthians 3:9) Assisting Local Church Pastors Evangelistic Meetings Passover Demonstrations and Displays Literature Printing and Distribution Missionary, Prophecy & Bible Conferences

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