Sh'Ma Shofar

The Sh'Ma Shofar is our publication designed to inform and encourage the believer with information on a variety of topics. Our Director, Dr. Jack Reiss, provides an update from the home office as well as a report of his experiences as he travels teaching and preaching around the country. Each issue features articles about Israel, Christian service, expository notes from our assistant director, Dr. Dan Mouw, and a sermon by Howard F. Sugden. Also included are missionary reports from around the world that speak of lives being changed by the power of God's forgiveness, and churches being planted to disciple new believers.

A one year subscription to the Sh'Ma Shofar magazine is currently $10.00. To order your subscription, call, write or email your request using the contact information on this page

Excerpts from previous issues:

A Crash Course in the Real Facts - Fall 2002

Chronology of Jerusalem - Winter 2003

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